The difficulty of MLM website and empty rebate website

rumors remediation rebate website ATM queues

station network May 30th news: today many micro-blog users broke the news recently in Fuzhou city of Wuyishan due to rumors of the rebate network consolidation will freeze the personal bank account, a large number of people worried about the rebate site bank account frozen overnight to ATM withdrawals from banks audit, machine lined up. There are users of micro-blog ink said today at 12 a.m. Wuyi, Wuyishan each big bank teller queuing through the night. Urban Construction Bank / ABC / ICBC, a small teller hall full of people. ATM Wuyishan backdoor is very full, very spectacular scenes.

to the rebate site collapse

run away

the reason why ATM queues, spectacular public audit overnight withdrawal, in addition to freeze the personal account of the rebate site remediation rumors. The greatest source in Wuyishan two local rebate website collapse rumors run away. There is news that a Wuyishan hundred percent rebate website rumor is empty, on suspicion of illegal fund-raising MLM, high-rise with money run away. According to the news that the hundred percent rebate network within a year of development reached 200 thousand members, mostly local residents in Wuyishan. And the other a rebate site million rebate network also closed the door, rumors collapse, personal accounts will be frozen. Although rumors freeze the account has not yet been confirmed, but this kind of rebate website users for local residents, but there is a lot of middle-aged users, for lack of a deep understanding of the Internet, so there was a picture of long queues in atm.

personal assets protected by law to freeze rumors credible

for the rebate website frozen personal accounts rumors, some netizens said that the user’s personal account is private property, protected by law, the probability of frozen is very low. Even if the state regulation of the rebate website against network marketing, also just freeze review rebate website account, as long as the user has no recharge rebate site account, there is no risk of personal bank accounts easily frozen. And there is no relevant departments to regulate the existence of the case of illegal e-commerce website freeze personal accounts. Frozen account rumors to be confirmed.

rebate site difficulties in supervising

a month to find two people to join, after a year at least 500 thousand yuan monthly income! "" buy one thousand back to one thousand, ten thousand to ten thousand flowers "is a group claiming to be to the electricity supplier website and wantonly in the network publicity to the rebate site to" pull the head "and" dividends "as the main source of income many sites, suspected pyramid. A lot of rebate website claiming to be 100% rebate rebate, but the actual process is often returned by installments, the existence of the time difference and uncertainty. Once the site is closed, the user investment is likely to make sense, there can be no more rebates dividends.

rebate site is a product of the development of electronic commerce. Most of the online mall in order to promote product sales, will be part of the profits to the promoters, and the promoters will return to consumers, thus creating a new

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