Sina micro blog short link officially replaced for t cn to improve the user experience


March 23rd Admin5 Adsense network news: today, Sina officially announced micro-blog, micro-blog in the short link officially changed from to Shorter than the original six characters, the new short chain is more concise, but also for the user to set aside more text space, allowing users to write more than three words in the case of links.

we all know that, in addition to Sohu micro-blog on Chinese and English input is not limited, the domestic several major micro-blog has strict word limit. Tencent and Sina micro-blog will limit the number of words to 140 words; NetEase for the word 163. Micro-blog word limit of 140 words from the imitation of the Twitter. But the 140 character of Twitter, referring to the english. The difference is that Sina’s handling of English is two characters count 1 words, Tencent is the calculation of the 1 characters of the word, so the same expression in English, Sina’s capacity is 2 times the Tencent, Twitter is also a factor of. Tencent apparently retains the habit of using Twitter users in the English language, Sina has expanded the capacity of English input 2 times.


limited words is the main reason to reflect micro-blog’s "micro", the small, rapidly spread better characteristics play. Allows users to focus on the use of a shorter word to express the core content, resulting in more innovative thinking. The development of micro-blog rely more on the mobile Internet, limiting the number of words can also bring a better experience for mobile Internet users. By micro-blog word limit, but also extends the innovation, such as micro fiction.

however, with the development of micro-blog, the interaction becomes stronger, micro-blog users will be more sites, video addresses shared by micro-blog interactive communication. Sina has been using micro-blog, although brief, but also takes up a lot of word space. Micro-blog is currently able to see a lot of comments forwarded by a large number of micro-blog beyond the limit, in the forwarding process is to delete the user forward comments and @ user name. A complete expression of the content, two due to cuts would cause inconvenience to users. Micro-blog uses Sina, although it is written more than three words, but it is greatly improved the user experience, better improve the quality of micro-blog content. in December last year, Sina bought from the hands of the famous angel investor Cai Wensheng, it is reported that the transaction price reached 5 million yuan. Sina has been jumping before the micro-blog home page, which is used for short address service, expected in the industry. (Yang Yang)

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