Robin Li’s success is because of their expert advice

Robin Li himself now get success to get expert advice. "It’s like Guo Jing, who always meets the right person in the right place, so he has a Wu Yi." He said. Robin Li accidentally become a pioneer in the field of domestic search, originated from his American teacher, this is the first person he met after going abroad.

is the student information management department, just met a visionary mentor, just to a high growing company "combat", just in the last wave of Internet hot get venture capital, just search domestic competition in the field of small. In addition to being lucky, what is Robin Li’s real magic weapon?

CEO, founder of Baidu Robin Li not acting, but this does not prevent him play many roles, the handsome young man has played the following roles: the dreamer, who, in the company and talk with eloquence, public speaker, show CEO, chasing fashion media object.

"reference" American company grew up

Robin Li is 36 years old this year, he could face thousands of speech, no stage fright, but praise for his handsome appearance made him shy.

as a scientific research entrepreneur, he is struggling with many of the problems in the work. But he is willing to admit that he has been seeking to transplant the United States Silicon Valley entrepreneurial model to china. This model has 30 years of history in the United States, but only a few years in china.

in fact, Baidu has been a reference to the United States grew up. Not only the company culture, but also its business model. This is closely related to Robin Li’s 8 years of American life. Of course, one of the most immediate benefits of Baidu’s "good habits" is that it is an effective way to get access to venture capital".

Robin Li said that for venture capitalists, all the plans are not as good as you point to a good performance on the Nasdaq, said: "look, I’m going to do this pattern."

in fact, in January 2000, Robin Li and his partner, such as a to get a fixed investment of venture capital to return to venture capital of 1 million 200 thousand. Of course, they didn’t disappoint investors.

even at the beginning of Baidu is still at a loss, it has been the same as other domestic companies aside. First of all, thanks to the company’s business model. In fact, the United States business model is not a passive choice, more is the accumulation of Robin Li years of observation.

and Robin Li have just begun when the founder of Baidu, the "search", "travel" is one of the few professional search engine company. At the same time, a number of portals, such as Sohu, also launched its own search engine business. Professional search engine companies focus on the company to sell search engine software and systems, while the portal is to provide free search engine services as a way to increase the amount of traffic.

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