Jian website on suspicion of fraud involving cheat money lawyers reminded the report as soon as poss

Xinhuanet.com Shanghai channel

March 13th news: the day before, Mr. Li of Beijing to pay 980 yuan after becoming a senior member of Shanghai Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd ". Never thought then was asked to pay 10 thousand yuan deposit, can enjoy the service recommendation, Lee immediately requested a refund to cancel the service, but the other has not refund when he feel cheated.

reporter then to "Shanghai Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd found" website survey, listed on the website, many relevant qualification certificate, business registration can not be found, and some so-called certification units is actually does not exist.

readers encounter: become a member was asked to pay a deposit

Mr. Li recalled to reporters that this year the evening of March 2nd, when the Internet he click a "recommended 3 or stock" advertising links, after landing the name "Shanghai Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd website. Because the site has a variety of honorary certificates and related registration information, making him feel the credibility of strong, so called the hotline on the web.

"the person told me that as long as the payment of 980 yuan can enjoy the stock recommendation service, can enjoy the 15 trading days, the total profit of not less than 45% of the profits recommendation service." To this end, according to the request of the other party, the next day will be 980 yuan, senior member fee remitted to the account specified on the other side, the account for the person". He said, the other a call said remittances have been received, "I immediately asked them to recommend the stock, but then they said, I’ll have to pay 10 thousand yuan deposit to open the service, also explained that doing so in order to prevent the leakage of information to people I don’t." Lee immediately requested an immediate refund, but the other party initially claimed not to retire, and later said that a month back, and said a few days back. He called several times to push, but the other side has no refund: I found myself cheated!"

website responded: what is the company, I do not know,

reporter to call the name of the site of the hotline. When a reporter asked to go to the cashier for open membership service, the other to refuse. Reporters then according to the company’s address on the site to ask. However, the reporter saw only one called Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd Kangding Shanghai Road Securities Business unit. Sales Department staff told reporters, Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd is a Jiangsu company, they have never used the name of Shanghai Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd.

The reporter then to

"mentioned Shanghai Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd" and "hotline in Shanghai Huatai Securities Investment Limited by Share Ltd" industrial and commercial registration files for the inquiry, but did not find the two companies. When a reporter once again call the hotline to ask whether the company has business registration, call the first man repeatedly claimed to "have", but when a reporter asked, exactly what is the full name, but he hesitated, immediately said.

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