Online education market is still very deep water has sprouted but very fragile

2012 double eleven activities, Taobao will be the first professional education and training industry into the double eleven promotion system. Recently, there are internal responsible person said Taobao, Taobao or will further strengthen the development of education and training electricity supplier, and may be launched in the near future, Taobao students education channel.

open Taobao student channel (, although some links can not be opened, the rules are not published merchants settled, but from its page to see has begun to take shape.

Taobao online education from the point of view, can be combined with the 2B+2C platform model. On the one hand, the various training institutions, institutions can provide live teaching on the top; on the other hand, for any ordinary users, as long as there is any user can release programs in proficiency in a particular line, "Taobao" channel, or for online broadcast rights. At the same time, Taobao students can also integrate the O2O model and pure Online model.


New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong has asserted that with the development of modern technology, such as the Internet, the online education industry will usher in disruptive change, online accounted for 40%, accounting for under the line of 60%. The occurrence of this situation is that the next 3-5 years".

education and training is an important part of local life. Currently living in the Taobao platform, Juhuasuan life sinks, classified information platform such as the development of a number of channels can promote the education and training industry in the field of electricity providers, with Taobao home entrance points and fixed flow entrance, Juhuasuan Taobao life life sinks irregular activities, no line client traffic entrance.

China’s online education is indeed a lack of a Taobao". In addition to Taobao’s electricity supplier model, you can also have other modes. But at present, China’s online education companies do not have a successful model can be verified, there is no one to form a true core competitiveness and barriers.

but, as the education and training of virtual service attributes on Taobao, the accumulation of a set of electronic commerce system is applicable? Education and training in the electricity market is more complex, Taobao can it work? Do not say first profit model, as a new online education, how to cultivate a good user experience


compared with the school, the school is not only to provide knowledge and skills, as well as degree. New online educational institutions can only provide knowledge and skills, which is not attractive to students – knowledge and skills are becoming more and more valuable, but most of the time is still not as valuable as the degree.

to explore the road is still very long, it’s clear that Taobao has been eyeing this market, but has a very good reputation of Taobao university training, Taobao online education will be extended to more areas of training, with Taobao online education, directly with the similar YY education first as the online education website online competition. The education industry market > wash

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