They both chose the ten most popular WordPress sites

over the past three years WordPress has been successfully transformed into a comprehensive and practical content management system with a software that has an obvious tendency to blog.

although the exact digital statistics WordPress by software to download the driver’s blog is not realistic, but we can be expected to be, the number is multiplied, because the open-source software WordPress has become the world’s most popular content management system and blog engine.

in thousands of widget tools, plugins and themes — all of these things can be fully customized support, this unique blog system gives the network contents of all kinds of irresistible advantages: simple installation, time saving, high compatibility, friendly SEO browser upgrade fast and convenient.

therefore, many well-known companies and media invariably fancy the flexibility of WordPress and choose WordPress as their website driver (or part of the site driver) is also reasonable.

let’s take a look at the top ten WordPress driven websites.

1 New York Times blog

New York Times is the largest and most respected newspaper in the United States, the quality of its online blog is high and sought after by readers, while the blog is also a good combination of all aspects of New York Times. The fields of technology, sports, politics and so many well-known columnists and writers, celebrities, industry experts and celebrities in the network, abide by the provisions of the strict standards of New York Times, to express their views on the blog. New York Times has more than and 50 WordPress blogs.

2 Techcrunch

in the Technorati rankings, Techcrunch ranked second, ranked first in the information technology class. Techcrunch is the prototype of a Silicon Valley and its surrounding areas of the blog to introduce Internet Co, and gradually grow into a technology-based web site, providing a variety of content and new media. Techcrunch more than 4 million subscribers, the network extending from the United States to Europe, France and Japan, and its crunch blog covering technology within the scope of all fields from mobile facilities to all kinds of mechanical devices and even social media.

3 CNN blog

CNN is the world’s largest news network, relying on correspondents from around the world and a variety of other news sources, and its subordinate blog at any time to provide a timely, reliable, high content of information content. CNN blog content involves the headlines and anecdotes, convenient reader comments.

4 connection magazine

as the United States focused magazines online journal, wired magazine reported a variety of technical >

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