Domain name Alipay security vulnerabilities and network bank

Now Alipay is the wrong password 3 times wrong, that is locked the account login information.

find errors! Please check. Your Email account ([email protected]) has logged more than 3 times in a row, and the Email account has been locked for the sake of your account security, please wait for hours to log in again. Login password error number exceeded 3 hours after please try       and the current Alipay account, most are open to the public, if you use a software program or batch to log in, it is not that all accounts will be limited, especially in the transaction, how to solve the same problem too that?

similarly, bank account, many companies and enterprises and individuals are also in the open state, and many of the wrong password, 3-6 times a day that is locked.

also in the domain management. Even the password retransmission function, as long as the input domain and mail management, automatic retransmission can be password retransmission, modified password, password, and other functions. This makes it easy for users to lose passwords. Once the mail out of question. The domain name is more dangerous. For example, 

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