Time magazine Google or Microsoft fangeyiji slowdown

Beijing on April 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. "time" magazine website wrote today, Google growth slowed down the threat to Microsoft is increasingly reduced, perhaps this is an opportunity for Microsoft. But taking into account the PC market is getting harder and harder, want to continue brilliant, Google and Microsoft should pay attention to the smart phone business.


most recent news about Google is bad news. Online advertising growth slowed in the fourth quarter of last year. This news is not surprising, not only includes the display advertising and search advertising, while Google is the latter to become the nation’s fastest growing large companies. Several Wall Street analysts expect Google’s growth in the one or two months of this year will remain flat with the fourth quarter. Analysts on average expected, Google’s first quarter revenue will grow 11%, for Google, this performance is tantamount to a disaster.

is unhappy with Wall Street, although Google’s search advertising performance is better than any other company in the world, but it is the only source of income. Chrome browser, Google earth, Google maps and YouTube are not how to make money, not a penny in some. If Google’s search business is in trouble again, it will be the end of the world’s hottest technology companies.

currently, Google’s annual revenue of $22 billion. If the annual growth rate of its search business fell to 10%, it would take another 3 years to reach $30 billion in annual sales. Microsoft achieved sales of $22 billion in 2000, but it is less than three years to reach $30 billion in sales. Since then, from 2002 to 2008, Microsoft’s sales doubled. Moreover, the software giant is not only growing, its recent growth even faster.

growth is difficult to maintain

many people think that Google will become the next Microsoft. 20 years ago, Microsoft was hot. Under the Windows, business and server software sales have shocked the industry, some software profit margins even more than 70%. since then, when Microsoft PC and server market share tends to be saturated, it also stop speeding growth. Microsoft shares also failed to reproduce the glory of 2000. Due to the lack of lucrative stock options, employees will also be transferred to the hope of getting rich startups. Many of those who joined Microsoft 30 years ago and became rich have chosen to retire.

about 7 years after the Microsoft stock price hit the highest point in history, Google’s share price has reached a record high of $747. Today, Google’s stock price of about $348, if its sales can only maintain the growth rate of 10% or 15%, then its stock price will not be able to return to more than $700. Companies such as Microsoft and Google have been able to create myths because their products are both important to businesses and consumers, and to people

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