Chinese nternet era really coming

Chinese Internet Network Information Center in Beijing in November 30th announced that the "formulated by the Chinese Chinese domain name registration and management standard" is the formulation of international Internet standards organization IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) approved and officially released, thus becoming the Internet international standards.  

Chinese domain name into

core area of Internet technology

1998, China Internet Network in the country’s first mention of the concept of Chinese Internet, a large number of resources to invest in the Chinese.Cn domain name technology research. Eight years later, similar to the domain name.Cn such a consistent with the Chinese use of the domain name has finally been recognized by the international community.

Although the Internet

international standard at present by Chinese leading to less than 1/1000 of the total international standard, but at least it shows that China plays a role in the field of Internet from the content provider to the standard setters evolution. For the country has just entered the threshold of about 10 years, the Chinese domain name system is recognized by the international community is just the beginning of China’s Internet technology into the core area of Internet technology.

software giant behind Chinese domain

ComScore statistics show that, including China and the United States, the world’s Internet users have more than 300 million. The Chinese Ministry of information industry survey results show that the number of Chinese Internet users as early as June this year, more than 123 million. So the domain name Chinese native Chinese as the carrier, in accordance with the domain name system Chinese mode of thinking and language habits will have the world’s largest population, and the most important is the people most are concentrated in China.

facing the prospects of Chinese domain market, the Internet giant will not let down, the current Microsoft has in the new browser IE7 added Chinese domain support. Microsoft said its goal is to allow users to use the Chinese domain name in the Microsoft operating system of any language in the world, including the latest WindowsVista.

domestic Chinese domain name registration

in foreign companies are optimistic about the Chinese domain name market at the same time, many domestic government agencies, enterprises are also active in the registration of their Chinese domain name, to create their own". Currently, including the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of culture, including many of the national institutions have been fully opened Chinese.Cn domain name. With the improvement of the application environment, the Chinese Internet has gradually attracted the attention of users, and many enterprises have begun to use Chinese domain names

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