Practical handbook and experience millet is how to explode

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tiger sniffing the sense of participation, word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" book for the millet co-founder Mr. Li Wanqiang, has recently become the Internet circle inside and outside to read the "red book", and even have millet dissident Zhou Hongyi are also in the 360 internal staff recommend reading this book: "360 colleagues in particular products the manager and the PR staff should look at, to all the people can learn to learn to learn to keep pace with the times progress." The consent of the tiger sniffing network by Mr Li Wanqiang, excerpts from the book part as follows, to readers.

sense of participation 33 rule

build a sense of participation, is to do service to do the brand new products to do the sales process open, allowing users to participate in, the establishment of a touch, can have, and users together to grow the brand! I summarize three strategies and three tactics, known as the "internal sense of participation 33 laws".

three strategies: do explosive products, do fans, from the media.

three tactics: open participation node, design interactive way, spread word of mouth event.

to do explosive products is the product strategy. Product planning a stage to have courage only one, what must be the first in this market category. Product line is not difficult to focus on the scale of the formation of resources too dispersed will lead to a sense of participation is difficult to expand.

is a user strategy. Behind the proliferation of participation in the sense of trust can be endorsed, is a strong relationship between the weak user relations to a better degree of trust evolution, fans first let the staff to become a product brand fans, followed by users to benefit. Function, information sharing is the most preliminary incentive to benefit, so we often say Tucao is also a kind of participation, followed by honor and interests, only to the benefit of both enterprises and users to participate in the sense of sustainable


from the media content strategy. To the center of the Internet has eliminated the authority, but also eliminate the information asymmetry, since the media to do is to let yourself become information nodes in the Internet, let the information flow faster, information dissemination of the flat structure, the internal organizational structure must support flat. Encourage and guide each employee to become a product spokesperson". Content operators to follow the recommendations made useful, emotional and interactive "ideas, only the useful information, to avoid information overload, each message must have personal feelings output, to guide the user to further participate in the interaction, sharing and diffusion.

open participation node to do the product to do the service to do the brand to do the process of opening the sale, screening out the benefits for both the enterprise and the user nodes, the two sides benefit from the participation of interactive sustainable. Open nodes should be based on functional requirements, the more people need to be involved.

"interaction design" for the corresponding design according to the open interactive node, follow the advice of "design ideas, simple, interesting and real benefit", the interactive way to do the same as products of continuous improvement. 2014 Spring Festival outbreak of WeChat red

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