On the metamorphosis of beauty and mogujie com from dependence to independence

said shopping guide, presumably a lot of girls will think of mogujie.com, beautiful said. For them, the first impression of a small beginning is to be able to pick the beautiful clothes Taobao platform, and this misconception lasted for many years. As a comparison of the house and not too concerned about the fashion of the female man, in fact, until recently, only to know at the beginning of the small, the original two and Taobao actually little relationship.

first, mogujie.com and beauty business model, and the traditional "Taobao" is not what difference: with pictures or words to attract users, Taobao released commercial links, according to click or turnover receive royalties from the business office, which was the beginning of the reason that they are Taobao platform.

they are parasitic on Taobao, brought a huge volume of transactions to Taobao, but also because of being blocked from Taobao, covered the main high power "even after Baidu said, mogujie.com keyword input is beautiful, its first promotion results showed taobao.com links.

according to statistics, was blocked by Taobao similar diversion site, around 65.

transformation is the only way out

was blocked, beautiful said, mogujie.com eventually choose to build their own vertical electricity supplier, they have signed up to fashion, as well as more and more users, as well as the accumulated content before.

2013, the use of electricity providers to complete the emergency platform, as well as five hundred or six hundred cooperative businesses, mogujie.com is almost ready to choose to hold their own double 11 promotion. At that time, the completion of the transaction within 35 million days of the day mogujie.com is not large, but it is almost an ordinary day trading volume of 10 times.


"this is completely beyond our estimates and gives us a lot of confidence, and we can make sure that it can be done boldly." Mogujie.com co-founder Yue Xuqiang had curiosity daily said.

and beautiful that is the rapid development of a business transaction system. According to the information display, beautiful said the first year commission exemption of all; each chain click only 3 cents, and settled in the business chain is directly click on the price dropped to 3 cents, while Taobao, a 5% Commission for every transaction, a single click on the price of the train at least 1 yuan so, say beautiful for settled business support is huge, almost equivalent to free.

From the ashes of

2014, mogujie.com brand concept has become a "my buyers street, in the investment stage have began to tilt to the unique style, high quality buyers shop.

in the spring of 2015, mogujie.com will be positioned as a social enterprise.

at the beginning of 2016, mogujie.com and beauty officially merged to 2:1 on the price of the convertible, chaired by June CEO. The valuation of the new company after the merger is close to 3>

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