After the financing of pig network 2 billion 600 million to integrate the supply chain

[editor’s note] a few months ago, a website called pig eight quit with 2 billion 600 million yuan of financing attracted media attention. In the media to report, almost all the envy of the tone that the pig caught air. But Liu Chuanyu, vice president of pig network, said, and so on the tuyere, they spent 9 years.

According to

billion state power network to understand, has now become the country’s largest online e-commerce trading platform, enterprises can free brand /Logo design, website development, /APP network / shop promotion, decoration design, industrial design, the demand on its platform named name. In addition, the piece than releases, all zero commission.

for the future, Liu said she would firmly serve the entire life cycle of small and micro enterprises, and the use of existing advantages along the industry supply chain integration.

9 years of sword, why investors dare such a big investment with what from the online service of online service industry talent shows itself? Where is the future of


with these problems, billion state power network communicate with Liu Chuanyu vice president and


billion state power networkLiu Chuanyu

, vice president of



Liu Chuanyu

ready for 9 years until the tuyere

state power grid: 2 billion 600 million yuan financing in June last year,, attracted a lot of attention at the time. Investors took a fancy to what qualities do you have?

Liu Chuanyu: investors must first see its commercial value. Business value is to solve the problem of small and micro enterprise service. Small and micro enterprises need to buy services, but also a large number of buyers, the purchase of services can not find the right talent, or too little talent, talent too far, or the price is too high.

and pig through nine years of accumulation, we have gathered about ten million people, formed a service trading platform, entrepreneurs can be here to find a cost-effective high quality service, in order to achieve his business and enterprise development. The service industry demand is far from being satisfied, now the fun has just begun. The pig eight quit industry has done the first online trading services, investors feel that this industry has a future.

and why this industry did not break out, there are several backgrounds:

first, it belongs to the modern service industry, the third industry in China’s development trend will be more than the second industry to become the largest industry. The service industry is generally a per capita GDP reached 8000 U.S. dollars before the outbreak, pig eight quit why a little quiet, because the per capita GDP did not reach $8000.

second, mass entrepreneurship. There are so many smaller companies

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