26 2009 due to the failure of a number of sites can not visit DNS including CCTV NetEase and oth

A5 (admin5.com) station network March 26th news today morning, many users and many webmaster response, large-scale site access failure, including CCTV, ifeng.com, NetEase and many other well-known sites have emerged in some areas can not access the transient phenomenon. A5 webmaster contact DNSPod technical staff found that Beijing Unicom recursive DNS multiple IP appear intermittent fault, tested the use of these recursive DNS users visit the web site, there will be no IP of intermittent analysis. Jilin region also reflects the failure of domain name analysis, the results are Unicom users. DNS search on the network failure, many users in micro-blog, WeChat feedback the phenomenon.


failure reason analysis:

DNSPod technical staff said that the cause of the problem is in the process of domain name IP address corresponding to the request, the process of recursive DNS in a bridge, when recursive failure, request will not be completed successfully, so the site can not be opened phenomenon. It is speculated that some of the corresponding Beijing Unicom IP or a certain number of server problems, resulting in user access to the site, can not be obtained from the recursive server to the corresponding IP. Details as shown below:


failure how to deal with


as an ordinary user, how to deal with the fault? Said A5 station network, you can modify the DNS server address is (this is the first in China, the world’s third open DNS service address, also known as 114DNS) or (free DNS server Google provides the IP address, Google provides another a free DNS server IP address is: to solve.

specific steps are as follows:

1, click the network icon on the desktop, find the network and sharing center.

2, find the change adapter settings button, there is a local connection, click properties, change the network connection TCP/IP V4 property can be.


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