Why enterprise network marketing has no effect

I have many traditional industries and the boss often complain that we are doing the network cheat, I asked him how he was cheated, a pool of big bosses, many of you Internet companies often tell me some money on the Internet to achieve what effect, say a kind of smallpox, I pay after a few questions answered. Is not to mention that there are so many good results, the words say I am also very ashamed, then help his site of diagnosis.

This website is

friends do Three Gorges tourism, was bought for 5 years and 10 years of general website domain name on the network, ready to engage in the field, did not expect a year off. I will tell the friend at the time, the network should take prudent heart to see, don’t expect too much, do not think it is a lie, don’t put too much thought a spade to dig a well, learn to lasting development.

in fact, this involves a local network, a problem, a lot of local small and medium-sized Internet companies for their own temporary interests, often in order to seize the customer at the root customer Kwame Haikou, exaggerating the power of the network, the network that is 10000 oil, is God, can solve all the problems, but it is not. Most network company customers have been brainwashed, generally think that the Internet is a role, but especially in many mainland enterprises to invest in the Internet is not return, how many Internet companies think of this? We instill the idea to the customer, tell the customer the magic of the network, so that customers think seems to have found a sea, that caught the straw. I think there are two problems, the first is the network company in order to short-term benefits, speculation concept, fooled customers, a product line to tell the customer, a customer of a Leng Leng flicker, from three to 21. From the general, Chinese operator to own a SMS website. And we network most of the company’s salesman training fine ghost ghost fine, and engage in MLM. The result is in the end, under the cultivation of manufacturers, distributors and small and medium network companies, excessive demands on customer resources and over education, so that customers have high expectations of the internet. Secondly, the network company’s own operating capacity is not strong, many companies are a channel, the product is sold out, patted the ass to leave, salesman a take me flash! As for the real needs of customers to get cash for the blind, customer first principle, to engage in short-term money for the work center, don’t talk really grateful for clients, in fact many even commitment to customers to do, which to many small and medium-sized Internet companies for what.

The current

enterprise Internet application market, has been one of manufacturers and channels to eventually cause enterprises regarded as hopeless. ravages of Internet Co, lack of trust, and the enterprise’s own demand is still not satisfied with such a lose lose situation. Full of flicker and fraud and endless price wars! But we also see a lot of carefully cultivated in the forefront of the company, the company, the number is not too much, is not a kind of flicker type company, solid customer service, I think this is the only small net >

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