Amazon was suspected of manipulating the price of small businesses living space

Beijing on June 28th news, according to foreign media reports, in part through the Amazon Marketplace sales platform to carry out the business of small businesses said recently, Amazon often find hot products in Marketplace, then in’s own website selling the same brand of products, leading to the corresponding small business interests.


Peterson sold Pillow Pets pillow

currently has thousands of small retailers in the Amazon website business. It is with the site that these small retailers can reach millions of consumers. If there is no Amazon, ordinary consumers simply do not know the existence of these small businesses. However, some small businesses have said, he was "the mouths of the amazon".

some small businesses, the signs look, Amazon is taking a more proactive measures to make the website as a "large laboratory" of the online retail giant Amazon: use the website to sell new products, test new product sales potential and gain more control over the price. And these initiatives, so that the site’s third small businesses are very hurt".

the United States of California sporting goods retail store owner Geoff CollectibleSupplies · Peterson (JeffPeterson) said that last summer, he started a sales on Amazon as "animal shape cloth pillow PillowPets, $29.99. In the first 7 months, the sale of this product is in good condition, the daily sales of up to 100.

but Peterson noticed that from the beginning of last Christmas holiday shopping season, Amazon itself on the website of the sales price is as like as two peas PillowPets pillow, $29.99, but the product placement is more obvious than Peterson sales pillow.

Peterson said that, in this way, the daily sales of their own PillowPets pillow will fall to 20. Peterson said: "I tried to cut prices to ensure sales. But I have a price, Amazon also followed the price, the price even lower than me, I finally had to abandon the price war with amazon." Although the price fluctuations are normal behavior, but Amazon recently sold a PillowPet price of only $12, and free shipping. And Peterson again to its PillowPet price of $29.99.

"a double-edged sword"

U.S. online retailers

Tabcom chief operating officer (COO) Thomas · flen Chu (ThomasFrenchu) said: "for small >

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