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web account, put equipment PC and the mobile terminal, on the PC side, you are probably familiar with, in the Union website will often see advertising, fixed, suspension and patch images, and graphics and text. As for the mobile terminal, the majority of people are relatively small, but generally know on the mobile device, a lot of consumption. However, the effect of the mobile terminal, the high rate of return on investment is not high, the value is not worth doing, very few people can be analyzed in detail.

and not to say that the rate of return on investment, first talk about the end of the mobile advertising display form. At the PC station on the Baidu network, showing the amount of creative writing is relatively large, but the hit rate is very low. Consumption is still a lot of picture advertising, traffic is mainly attracted by the idea of picture. However, in the mobile terminal, not only to display a large amount of text ads, click rate is relatively high. The image of the creative display is relatively small, showing the frequency will be greatly affected, so the main source of traffic is text advertising. So what is the reason? The following small series continue to tell you.

is the result of this hand from an objective point of view, the mobile terminal screen is relatively small, the overall size of the reduced image ads in the mobile terminal is relatively small, the user experience is not good, in this case, text ads have the advantage. On the other hand, the alliance website, most of the attention or interest, benefit from clicks, click only profit sharing, so many in the PC station advertising is to the picture, but to the mobile terminal, is automatically converted into text ads. That is to say, in the mobile terminal, the main opportunity is to display text ads.

Baidu claims hundreds of thousands of Union website, is not all union websites have professional mobile station, is not all mobile stations have alliance advertising? Generally speaking, site traffic basically has the special website of mobile terminals, such as advertising network alliance and PC end show is not the same. Professional mobile station, due to the user experience is relatively good, advertising click rate is significantly higher than the PC station. If the mobile station is not professional, but the PC scaled down station, so advertising in general and PC station, only part of the picture into the text position, part of suspended advertising due to the impact of the customer to browse the web, was canceled. But obviously, this website WebUnion click rate is relatively low.

so, network in the mobile terminal and PC terminal to show the form of a different, it needs to focus on the mobile advertising business, study show the characteristics of mobile terminals, pay attention to different display types, make good use of the huge flow of mobile terminal market. The author of this article: Lisa, reproduced please indicate the source:, more experience sharing please add personal micro signal: 66543803, WeChat subscription number: jz182com.

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