What kind of money to open the hotel model more money

due to the huge market demand, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs to open smoke hotel. However, in the current era of development, the store’s business model is also constantly changing, constantly rich. Among them, the group has become a choice of many shops. Of course, different models, profit margins will be different. So, which mode is more profitable to open smoke Hotel?

view 1: self brand to make money

Beijing a large cigarette and liquor vendor chain responsible person pointed out that Liu Dinghui, the famous cigarette price transparency is very high, the operator concerned basically not to earn what money, most can smooth rent, utilities and other costs, the real money business is self brand. The so-called self brand, that is, investors and some wine business cooperation, in order to ensure that the number of sales to achieve, by their own pricing, operating. It’s a bit like a regional agent, but the agent area will be flexible, maybe a street, a community, etc.. Because of lower price transparency, investors will be more profitable space.

but its drawbacks are due to the manufacturers have sales requirements, there is a certain pressure on the operation of investors, for the lack of stable traffic shop, the risk is great.

view 2: Buy mode to make money

A large chain of

cigarette and liquor vendor in Zhengzhou official Wang Ronghua pointed out that Mr. Liu proposed is indeed a profitable idea more popular, but not suitable for the early entrepreneurs, I tend to carry out the "group purchase" business, "why group purchase business in this discussion at least there have been three times? This is a suitable for small and medium business earnings.

I admit that many small investors are afraid to open up the enterprise customers, but the current market situation is, if no cigarette and liquor vendor group purchase business support, it cannot survive in the industry, it also can well explain why, there are a lot of daily cigarette and liquor vendor no traffic, but can still open in recent years, more than ten years.

experts: Chinese Brand Strategy Institute executive president, Zhejiang wine Shanghai headquarters general manager Yang Qingshan said that the group purchase business is indeed the industry can not avoid the vocabulary, market situation is not a small group purchase business, the survival of cigarette and liquor vendor is too difficult, even some large chain stores are the main business profit group purchase (the premise is smoke the hotel is a legitimate business, not some gray business, such as the name of the recovery of sales, sales of cigarettes and tobacco and wine).

here is a little trick, investors do not run the business during the day, it is best to run at night, because this is the time, many bosses to relax more relaxed, if investors drink a little wine and each other, it is easy to put the group purchase business talk down.

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