Suitable for married women entrepreneurship projects

for the majority of the married women, now most people either work, or at home with the kids, start at the same time, there is a part as an understanding wife and loving mother, women are the career and the family, embarked on a unique entrepreneurial road.

for married women, their home is the most important "work", not only to take good care of the elderly, but also to manage the child, then there is no what venture is for their

tea shop

Analysis of

pet business

with the continuous improvement of living standards, and the family scale, pets have become more and more a part of people’s daily life, Chinese pet consumption has formed the scale. Experts believe that, according to the law, a country’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) between 3000-8000 U.S. dollars, the pet industry will be rapid development. Some coastal cities in China have reached this level. Therefore, despite the major city Chinese government has enforced strict restrictions in pets, pet has increased in recent years. Thus, the pet industry in China is still a big money.

More and more people

if you ever run a snack bar, can then determine the business projects in selected places; if the first involving people, best to choose a project, to find a suitable place. The best place to choose in the vicinity of the station, the number of people commuting or near residential areas. Can run across different snacks, but it is best to seize the most distinctive local snacks to operate, such as Goubuli, Xi’an cold noodle, focus on pushing 1-2. Do not put together a variety of snacks, or your snack bar is not unique, two is not conducive to the establishment of signs, guests will be less and less. If there is a nearby industry, as long as the operation of different projects, there will be complementary role. For example, business Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer and grilled seafood recommendation

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