Convenience store is not suitable to open in what position

is for many small investors, a convenience store is a good choice, actually choose to open a convenience store, investment does not need too much, money is very stable, for many entrepreneurs industry says it is easy to implement in the project, but also the convenience store cannot be opened, which can be learned.

(1) within the district populated convenience store is not suitable for open in the district population, shortage of places, if the district population in the 1500, the store should be rejected (which means that the fixed store is too small, which will affect sales).

(6) cannot be set with light box store signage is restricted by environmental conditions can not be set up shop or store means light, eye-catching and clear will be greatly reduced, and a striking and convenience store is an important means to ensure passenger flow. Imagine if there is no bright shop at night if you can let passers-by know that this is a 24 hour convenience store.

(7) store irregular rectangular or Square Mall for the convenience store business, if the mall is irregular in shape, you have been in a business area is very small space it is difficult to reasonably to arrange the goods on display, which will increase the customer to buy goods in time. Eight lot is not suitable to open a convenience store.

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