nventory of 9 suitable for women to start the project

is now the women in the social entrepreneurship has become a very common thing, at the same time, there are more and more women out of their homes, embarked on a rich venture Road, on the inventory of some suitable women entrepreneurship rich project below.

automotive beauty shop

flower shop

direction: after the market survey on the more than and 10 day, my flower shop located in the vicinity of the New District, bonsai and flower business. I think after analysis, this line is broad market prospect, site selection of the village center area, nearby residents in all will have tens of thousands of families! Now, this community the occupancy rate of less than 20%, the market potential is very large. Now many people have bought a new house, after the renovation, the new house to add some bonsai flowers.

sold for less money for entrepreneurs, to complete the primitive capital accumulation of opening a retail clothing store, is the first step towards success. And there is a certain amount of capital entrepreneurs, you can set up a small company, so that the clothing manufacturer’s sales agent, or enter the clothing wholesale market. The investment of clothing wholesale market has the following advantages: the market stalls are fixed, eliminating the need for entrepreneurs decoration investment; clothing stalls to gather a rich source, but also easy to pitch from the other peers who study experience, lessons learned. But competition is bound to exist, so the pressure of sales is a major difficulty in the wholesale market stalls.

housekeeping service

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