Beijing astronomical cigarette market

many people will find that now more and more high price cigarettes filled people’s eyes. Some of the tobacco cigarette and liquor vendor "limit order" found that openly posted astronomical smoke "placed on the counter selling price. What are the stories behind the price of cigarettes? Is it because some time ago the smoke limit did not play the effect? Hidden or otherwise?

Mr. Zhang recently went to Haidian District, Beijing, a tobacco shop to buy cigarettes, found on the shelves there are a lot of high priced brand smoke. Lotus "gold goods" detonation bead models priced at 1800 yuan, a fine of Nanjing "95 extreme" 2400 yuan, a "Millennium Royal Park" is as high as 3800 yuan.

In fact,

, selling astronomical smoke is illegal behavior. In March 2012, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued opinion pointed out: to find social retail sales behavior price tag or the actual retail price of more than 1000 yuan per 200 cigarettes, tobacco commercial enterprises stop cigarette brands supply specifications.


provides, why astronomical smoke "was a stirring among the dry bones? Yesterday, the reporter contacted the Beijing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the other did not grasp the relevant circumstances.

Beijing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau staff responded that: each store has a corresponding market regulator, their daily job duties is to check the shop, the work we do in the daily routine. What you say may be an individual phenomenon, we have not mastered this situation."

Beijing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau: illegal evidence difficult

tobacco market professional website data show that the retail price of 2400 yuan fine Nanjing "95 extreme" wholesale price of only 678 yuan, the price of 3800 yuan a "Millennium Royal Park", with reference to the retail price of only 350 yuan, which means that it is from wholesale to retail, worth over ten times.

in this astronomical commercial games, the so-called so-called manufacturers wholesale price, apparently became a decoration. Beijing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau staff responded, it is difficult for businesses illegal evidence.

will not change tobacco price represents what? Many people said that the price of cigarettes to see, questioned the state tobacco sector, want to initiate an investigation, there will be evidence of difficulties and other realities. Some people think that this kind of conspicuous thing is likely to be an illusion, or to buy cigarettes may have a private agreement with the business, the actual purchase price may not be as crazy as the target price.

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