Two years to earn a small Shandong pancakes 1080000 yuan

in today’s society, as long as you dare to insist on, you will succeed. This is a crazy world, while more and more college students in self pity, why do I only $800 a month, is on the side of the garbage into the hundreds of thousands of years to sympathize with their uncle white-collar shame, here is another one, one family to sell pancakes, worth twenty large income students and white-collar workers.

> to head "five hundred thousand"

  friends still shook his head, said: you see, pancakes three dollars a piece of raw materials, an egg, a layer of batter, a small ham sausage, two lettuce sometimes, some sauce, plus a fried dough like egg, is a kind of small supermarket, 5 cents a can buy two pieces of lettuce, a few cents are not that cost just a few cents sauce to small ham sausage fried dough 31 Fen, even 10 Fen, all add up to the cost is a piece of money.

150 / barrel) X3 (barrels) X2 (yuan / piece) X2 (father and son and daughter) =1800 yuan / day

1800 yuan / day X300 days =540000

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