How to join Japanese Restaurant

Japanese cuisine has always been known for its unique taste, bright color, nutrition and health. Today, Japanese cuisine has become one of the most popular foods for young people in china. Warehouse Bridge home Japanese cooking amazing sales, but also attracted a large number of warehouse Bridge home Japanese food franchisee. Warehouse Bridge home Japanese cuisine to join, is the perfect combination of delicious and wealth!

a lot of friends especially young girls love Japanese cuisine, but Japanese cuisine is fine, the price is not low, but not enough to eat. Warehouse Bridge home Japanese cuisine can bring you a surprise, more than 10 yuan a Japanese cuisine, 35 friends spend hundreds of dollars will be able to enjoy the exotic cuisine, the most expensive Japanese cuisine package is less than $200, the cheapest only $3. Good friends shopping tired, come here and rest well, let the delicate and delicious Japanese cuisine to pamper your stomach, and then continue to


warehouse bridge to join the Japanese cuisine, delicious and wealth from the beginning!

warehouse bridge to join the Japanese cuisine has a very hard story. The founder of Mr. Hu studied in Japan, because it is very industrious, simple and humble, deeply touched by a man named kurahashi, the achievements of a friendship between generations, in order to commemorate and thanks to the elderly in Japan, Mr. Hu will be "Cang Qiao home he founded the Japanese restaurant named".

Japanese fashion

kurahashi Japanese restaurant franchise can bring you the original, the waiter will take the initiative to speak Japanese, tableware decoration Japan is in accordance with the custom of chopsticks is not placed vertically, but horizontally, comfortable tatami can relax you can sore feet. Cherry blossoms everywhere, let your heart warm.

kurahashi Japanese restaurant franchise of Japanese cuisine is not only variety is complete, fresh sashimi, sushi, grill, direct air to fried, stew, of course, the winter of love Hot pot and taste very delicious Udon. Fresh seafood in hot soup to eat, eat fresh. Here, the price is very close to the people of Japanese cuisine, delicious sushi 3 yuan / copies, you can point you love food, can also choose to have good collocation of the package, the most expensive but also 200 yuan, five to eight friends can enjoy high.

if you’re looking for your own restaurant career, then join kurahashi Japanese restaurant to join the project! Start low cost investment, simple operation and high efficiency, is the choice for young creators


The above is the simple introduction of the

kurahashi Japanese restaurant of this brand, if you still have what other problems need to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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