How to improve the customer experience of the layout of the dry cleaners

for a dry cleaning shop, earn is the return of the money, how to attract more repeat customers? This is a lot of people are thinking about the problem. Dry cleaning business is very good interpretation of the word, people rely on clothes shop on the facade, today to share with you the dry cleaners how to enhance the customer experience through the layout.

in the dry cleaning shop in the overall layout, large and medium-sized fast stores, to subdivide the various regions, reception, reception, laundry laundry area, ironing area set apart. Small franchise, generally only the washing area and reception area can be separated.

on equipment layout, fast stores focus on the strength of the staff is also convenient operation, ordinary equipment hidden, one side is pollution free and beautiful appearance of the equipment is usually placed in the store, can give customers a regular high-end feeling.

classification of laundry, washing takes care of consumers fast multi perspective, untreated clothes, alone in a hidden place, so as not to affect the mood of customers. Wash clean disappear poison clothes, put in the place where the customer is easy to see, to enhance the customer goodwill at the same time the customer take clothes. In the classification of clothes, according to the color of the clothes, the length, style, hanging, while using plastic film covered with dust, give the customer the best visual experience.

in the overall layout, more comfortable and fast laundry to win, impression and embodies high-grade laundry service theme. For each fast more franchise stores, headquarters will be based on the wishes of franchisees, designed the best decoration effect.


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