Customers are not satisfied with what you should do

open the door to do business, you have to take into account the very much, the good, on the other hand may be missing, so want to make every customer satisfied, it is almost unlikely to happen, but once the customer is not satisfied, we need timely to solve this, business will always go smoothly. So when the customer is not satisfied with the time, how should you do?

1, listening, communication: focus on the main points of customer complaints, so that customers can not say all his grievances. Angry customers often find a way to show the true feelings encounter a good listener, we should stand in the perspective of customers emotional talk, stabilize the mood of the consumer.

2, a sincere apology: from the heart of the inconvenience to the customer to apologize for the fact that the recognition and the mechanical standards than the apology is much better, this is an important and powerful step to retain customers.

3, analysis and processing: clear the cause of the matter, repeat customer concerns, indicating the sincere desire to resolve complaints. A fair solution to the problem is proposed. The customer is asking for action, not just a few words. For the inconvenience or injury caused to the customer with some additional value of compensation. For example: send small gifts.

4, results and feedback: ask if the customer is satisfied with the solution. After the problem is solved, don’t forget to thank the customer, and show her valuable advice can help us to provide our customers with better service. After the event to follow up and consolidate the customer relationship, the customer has a deeper impression on your sincerity. If the results are not satisfactory for the first time, you can continue to follow up with a second chance.

money only in the process of circulation is money, or just a stack of the best quality in the world of waste paper. Only when the service is effectively used in the customer, is the higher level of marketing, otherwise it can only become the world’s most advanced concept. When you suffer from mining more potential customers at the same time, please don’t forget your love like to keep your customers.

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