The public will open community store

if the public has opened a 4S store, which may not be any strange, and now the growing demand for cars, while China still has a lot of blank market. However, over the past few days, a mass to open 1200 stores in the community Chinese rampant rumors, attracted There were many discussions. In fact, we only need to this prospect about the evaluations, whether can predict the decision will be successful.

what are the characteristics of community stores?

according to our general idea, the biggest feature of community stores is convenient, fast, cheap.

convenience: community shops are built in residential areas near the residential building or even on the street floor, in the owner’s living circle or working circle, very convenient. Due to convenient, the radiation radius of the community store is often not large, the maximum is 3-5 km.

: community stores not do complex maintenance, with the highest frequency of maintenance of oil. Therefore, the rapid completion of the maintenance process is one of the major features.

cheap: the source of the parts of the community store will be very different from the 4S store, in principle, the procurement is provided by the supporting plant, the price will be greater than the original 4S shop accessories.

two, community shops to undertake what customers?

community store should be part of the new car from the loss of 4S customers. These customers have had a shelf life, due to the price and convenience, there is a need to meet the general maintenance and minor problems will be willing to go to work in the circle of life or community stores.

three, who will build a community store?

first, the host plant will not directly invest in the management of these community stores, which is determined by the social division of labor.

so, there are two options: 4S shop or online investors outside the network. Both of these investments have some advantages and problems.

1, 4S store investment. 4S shop investment is good, and the OEM running will soon have the 4S shop management experience; the output, maintenance of quality control and quality of service control is relatively more smoothly; the most important is the business to form complementary and cooperative with the 4S shop, not in the interests of contradiction.

, however, 4S shop investment has obvious disadvantages. In fact, the layout of the host plant in the practice of the network, there are non 4S shop model, such as Shanghai Volkswagen direct store model. Zhiyingdian standard mode is also more flexible, according to the size and number of functions (with repair without repair) is divided into several grades. However, more than and 10 years of facts have proved that this

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