What are the conditions for Costa steak

people living in Western European countries, living in the diet can not do without coffee, wine, steak these things. Of course, as the line continues to open up and Western culture Chinese society, the improvement of living standards and changes in consumer habits, Western-style food represents a newer way of life, reflect the more upscale, enjoy more face consumption, Western-style food after ten years of development has become the current hot food consumption; Costa steak is a representative the brand, so Costa steak what to join?

what are the conditions for joining Costa steak?

join conditions are as follows:

one, agree with Costa brand culture and business philosophy;

two, determined to work with the Costa team to build brand development, and maintain the brand continued to operate;

three, love food and beverage business, willing to devote themselves to the service industry;

four, have good management experience in the past;

five, fully cooperate with headquarters training and unified management;

six, with a certain amount of investment strength and suitable operating venues as well as passion for western style food and beverage industry;

seven, with the brand first, the credibility of the first business sense, with the ability to respond to market competition and ability to consciously maintain the brand image of Costa;

eight, following Costa’s standardized management and franchise code, as well as relevant national laws and regulations;

nine, must hold a valid personal identification for joining procedures, with my 2 inch 3 photos, for headquarters to establish tracking service files issued by the certificate of authorization and open qualification certificate;

ten, according to the requirements for full use of Senna on the left bank of the headquarters of a unified visual image design and decoration design, such as a

image of hundreds of stores;

eleven, after the opening to the headquarters of its stores more than 3 color photos, business address, telephone, store status management status and the copy of the business license and management system, in order to provide the headquarters tracking guidance services.

read the above introduction that conditions have a more comprehensive understanding of the Costa steak steak you join, if for this brand, you still have what other problems need to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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