Sheng Dayun to assist students of Fudan alumni Entrepreneurship

talk about entrepreneurship is inseparable from the topic of entrepreneurship. In addition to government support, private capital and platform for entrepreneurial projects is also very powerful help. "Big cloud" Fudan alumni entrepreneurship Club conference held successfully, showing the interaction of entrepreneurial achievements, highlighting the advantages of new mode of entrepreneurship.

2015 is the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the first year, with the start of the golden age coming, entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurship is becoming a new engine of future economic growth and China, and the cloud is an outstanding representative of Fudan respectively in the two fields.

12 12, a "big cloud" Fudan alumni entrepreneurship Club conference ended, has become the 2015 "public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurship and the epitome of good interaction model. At the annual meeting, Sheng Dayun CEO, vice president of the Zhuge Hui alumni entrepreneurship club, "social stratification, and life" as the theme, tells the story of the flattening of the world, under the background of industry reshuffle, the demand is eternal, production to the consumption status of channel disappear, look forward to a more transparent and uniform future supply.

through the annual meeting, we look at how to interact and Fudan grand. At the beginning of 2015, Sheng Dayun started behind Fudan alumni entrepreneurship, launched free support all Fudan alumni entrepreneurship programs provide services for 1 year, 1 technical support, help enterprises to realize the low cost of Fudan alumni entrepreneurial dreams, was unanimously approved, the alumni enterprises at present, using the Sheng Dayun platform Fudan alumni enterprises has exceeded 80.

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