Shangrao Power Supply Bureau received a number of honorary titles

in order to implement the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Shangrao Municipal Power Supply Bureau has been taking on a new look into work, to provide meticulous service to the broad masses of the people, strengthen confidence, strengthen the implementation, as the initiative to complete the annual work objectives and tasks, to achieve a good start in 13th Five-Year, so was awarded the title of advanced unit.

in recognition of advanced, give full play to the leading role of advanced typical demonstration, the company awarded the Department of party work (trade unions, the Communist Youth League), development planning division, operation monitoring (control) center 3 departments as a "country of Shangrao power company 2016 annual advanced department" honorary title.

awarded the operation and maintenance overhaul, power dispatching control center, Guangfeng power supply company, Shangrao county power supply company, Hengfeng power company 5 units as a "country of Shangrao power company 2016 annual advanced unit" honorary title.

Shangrao City Power Supply Bureau has been a new look, access to people’s attention, and actively carry out the work in the work constantly to show their value. I hope by the departments and units in recognition of cherish the honor, modest and prudent, consolidate the achievements, make persistent efforts, in a pragmatic style, responsible attitude, the spirit of pioneers, to complete the "new and greater contributions to a strong three excellent" modern company.

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