Sweet bread to rise up the road to tell us what truth

with the concept of "Internet plus", the catering industry O2O mode is widely started, this concept first came from the United States, the popular point is to bring consumers online to the store to the consumer. (online to offline)


2016, try wading O2O catering projects greatly reduced, not because of the Internet catering demand is a false proposition, but because after 2014, 2015, two years after the trial, has been posted on the death label no one ran to the road to pay tuition fees (such as chef home business); be beneficial to be verified the combination of homing pathway (public comment & hungry); there are a part of the "Curve Wrecker", to try to rationalize huge responsibility proposition own attempt (Huang Taiji from a takeaway takeaway business resource integration, industry changes); and finally there is a lucky. Their success is because of its congenital genetic management category to it is more suitable for the Internet to sell this road, such as honey, rock salad blood hot dogs, and I want to introduce today’s brand: Sweet send face Package.

but I don’t want to explain why the baking industry are more suitable for Internet sales of this pathway, to explain the incense to send a gun and red, because after so many years, the scale of the Internet cake brand only 21cake, from 0 to 1 and completed the crucial step of the Internet brand only send fragrant bread. Behind the success is implicit in the founding team completed a myriad of choices, and decide the orientation of the whole team for industrial value judgment, so today, and we talk about how sweet send by the right "values" to achieve its business model of success.

sweet bread to join

The value of

O2O is to improve the efficiency of

What is the significance of

O2O for the food and beverage industry? I heard a lot of answer: drainage, accelerate brand promotion, increase the added value for products and so on, but all these answers are unfortunately to be included in the "this" and "end" of the latter, the real meaning of O2O is to raise the efficiency of the catering industry "", or the Internet can successfully invade many traditional fields because he is much higher than the efficiency of the traditional manufacturing industry itself. In this matter, the team to send the understanding is deep enough, because they do not use the Internet to do a redundant thing, but changed the bakery industry efficiency model.

optimize service efficiency: the service efficiency of the catering industry is mainly reflected in two aspects, waiting time and communication efficiency. As the bread has become white-collar group breakfast and afternoon tea, Chinese consumers for bread demand gradually from snacks into just, and this rigid and stable demand resulted in the morning bread shop is always full.

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