What kind of snacks in winter will create greater business opportunities

with the advent of another round of cold air in Hefei, it means that winter has come. This winter, what kind of snacks will create greater opportunities for you to earn the opportunity to earn money?

is also noodles, people can make prosperous surface cool    , a bowl of wonton can sell 4 yuan can sell 100 yuan, what do not in the business, but how to do. Luzhu production method is simple, saves a hired cook shop area of trouble, not seeking, employees needed less, low cost, quick return.

this is the unique flavor of Hot pot and spicy string of incense, with mutton slices cooked in hot pot northern style, taste as you tune. Can let a person to stall a few dollars, tens of dollars will be able to enjoy the delicious food and Shabu, shop scale.

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