Ma’anshan venture capital fund will be set up 50 million annual venture capital Guide

social support funds are limited, while the number of Chinese enterprises is even beyond count every day, tens of thousands of new commercial subjects. Therefore, limited entrepreneurial resources should be applied to the development potential of enterprises and entrepreneurial projects.

intends to support enterprises to determine, the district will take the turn up and running to equity investment investment in two ways. Vote to fill, mainly to take the pre set performance objectives, contract management, pre allocated special funds, performance evaluation, then all or part of the transfer of funds, the full implementation of the performance evaluation of funds. Investment and equity, mainly for listed companies, listed on the counseling period, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, District, city investment company pre invested part of the funds for the cost of Listed Companies in the process of injection, in the form of shares in the enterprise in the process of reform. Enterprises to be officially listed after the listing, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, in accordance with the contract on shares or withdrawal.

The development of

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