Jewelry franchisee Mr Sun told you Entrepreneurship must have a goal

jewelry is a small project, but want to do is not a simple matter, following the network Xiaobian to introduce a fight in the jewelry industry for a long time entrepreneurs, hope for the majority of his experience to help entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry. Here are some of the small experience of joining the jewelry company mr..

1. jewelry shop on the choice of join must choose comprehensive shopping malls, high, medium and low-grade products are full. And it is best for young people and children’s entertainment facilities are also relatively large shopping malls.

2, try to choose a longer history of shopping malls. Because of such shopping malls, relatively stable, with a large number of loyal customers, there is a great appeal to the holidays, the idea of recession is more able to withstand the economic crisis.

3. into the mall, we must investigate clearly, the mall to the supplier’s payment cycle is stable or not, good credit. These two points are not clear, the more you sell, the greater the pressure.

4. location selection, preferably on the first floor. Data show that every floor, people will be reduced by about 20%! And it is best not far from the entrance of the supermarket and the mouth of the settlement or to the high floor of the elevator. I don’t need to say more, or flow! Stream of people decided to sell!

5, when the contract, to see the specific details of the contract, do not understand the question must be clear. There are no other costs after the shop, for example, is not to apply for a business license, tax, uniform shopping malls when the specific issues to be clear.

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2, the category of goods is not a lot, but in the amount of.

3, a small volume of merchandise placement design

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