Focus on optimizing the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship to accelerate the constructio

healthy entrepreneurial environment, to ensure the healthy growth of start-ups, want to support more entrepreneurs to succeed in business, first of all to optimize the entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, the streets are trying to optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

rely on aluminum in the Zhengzhou Institute of talent, technology, research and development advantages, accelerate the construction of the Chinese district (Zhengzhou) innovation complex nonferrous metal materials as the core, Henan science and Technology Park, 863 Zhengzhou shipping business park as the center of wealth added, UNITA public record space, three times the public record of social resources such as space support the innovation of production and research integrated service system.

in the complex construction of innovation and entrepreneurship, the District adhere to the construction side operation, and give full play to the radiation of academician workstation, post doctoral workstations and National Engineering Research Center of aluminum smelting, light metal national quality supervision and inspection center of the leading role, strengthen applied research, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In the "thousands of people plan expert Yang Jianhong’s team on the basis of green metallurgy, aluminum smelting and the formation of science and engineering five R & D team, six innovative entrepreneurial team in product development, incubation acceleration, achievements and other aspects for the area economic development to make a positive contribution.

Innovation and entrepreneurship



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