The laid off workers to start a successful counter attack from the star

lives everywhere there are some wonderful, where there are some counter attack, for some thing like this, we have seen many times, especially in today’s such a fast-paced society, the sister is going to say it’s very not.

1999, Huang Guorong from Wenjiang nitrogen fertilizer plant laid off. She set up a stall selling postcards, riding a bike along the street selling bread, a grocery store, a small restaurant. Due to the small cost, simple equipment, a few years of running tired almost nothing.

2004 March, Huang Guorong received a call from the Wenjiang District Employment Bureau, let her participate in the free entrepreneurship training for laid-off workers. After the training, Huang Guorong found a lower price of the pavement, asked the two to help and maintenance of the master, from the office of Huang sister home. Although the customer home to do cleaning will be exhausted, but every day cash income, Huang Guorong gradually have confidence. Due to serious and responsible work, service in place, her business is getting better.   China Venture portal website

2005 July, CCTV "the same song" held in Wenjiang. Huang Guorong seize the opportunity, take the initiative to undertake the venue of the stage, cleaning and installation, removal and installation work. For the first time to do such a big business, Huang Guorong racked his brains to complete the task, yellow sister, the brand started. Then, Huang Guorong bid for the sixth national flower fair cleaning project in one fell swoop, the staff developed to more than 300 people. After that, Huang Guorong was formally established in Chengdu Huang Jie cleaning services Co., ltd.. She not only participated in the Southwest Jiaotong University EMBA class, also founded the occupation training school. The rapid development of the company, Huang Guorong was elected as the 2006 Chengdu venture star".

? Such a laid-off worker Huang sister entrepreneurial experience legendary enough and inspirational, as has the ideal business we should also learn that a yellow sister approach, and her entrepreneurial courage, so we can become successful entrepreneurs.


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