Teach you how to avoid the five major risks of food and beverage investment market

China’s three largest economy, consumption, investment, exports. Among them, the consumption of food and beverage occupies a large part of the market share. As one of the most important driving forces of China’s GDP growth, the catering industry has become the focus of attention of many entrepreneurs and investors. But the market competition is increasingly intense, the catering industry to enhance the status of enterprise management, and with the food safety accidents, the labor shortage is sweeping the country and other problems, catering enterprises, especially small and medium-sized catering enterprises want to survive and develop better, but also need to control the following five major risks, don’t let the wind a crazy cast".

first, the risk of rising raw material costs

catering enterprises accounted for a large proportion of the cost of raw materials, the main business costs, raw material prices have an important impact on the profitability of the catering business. And raw materials due to the impact of animal epidemics and natural disasters, breeding costs, inflation and other factors affect the price fluctuations. If the price of raw materials rose sharply in the future and the food and beverage enterprises can not be digested or transferred in time to increase the cost of raw materials, food and beverage enterprises gross profit and net profit will be significantly reduced.

many B2B food supply platform mainly on downstream restaurants to provide distribution services, centralized procurement for restaurants to gain bargaining power, and to provide logistics services, thereby reducing the cost of downstream. Famous beauty platform food, agriculture, and small chain network, Nongnv chef gifted with good products, food baskets, hotel alliance, in reducing the cost of food catering enterprises also exist at the same time the price of opaque ingredients to standardization, scale of the predicament.

two, animal epidemic risk

2003 years of SARS in Beijing food and beverage stores closed at a rate of 70%, according to a survey China eat nets do, 70.31% people in 2013 after the outbreak of bird flu because of bird flu and give up to the restaurant, the restaurant industry suffered a strong impact.

meat is raw materials catering enterprises essential, pork, chicken and other animal products is an important raw material for the production of catering enterprises. If China’s poultry, livestock breeding area of large-scale outbreaks or natural disasters, livestock and poultry breeding industry may be difficult to timely and adequate supply of raw materials to meet the requirements of the catering business, catering enterprises to face raw material supply interruption or insufficient supply risk. In addition, occurrence of livestock animal epidemic may reduce consumers for meat consumption is expected to reduce the total market demand, thereby adversely affect the performance of enterprises, including food and beverage industry overall business.

three, market competition risk

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