Mobile phone sets more profitable than mobile phones

with the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone market is expanding, and mobile phone related sets, accessories and other products also follow the fire! Do not look down on a small cell phone sets, profit margins are not smaller than the phone! Small mobile phone sets containing a huge opportunity to get rich!

What is the cost of

this, you should understand what I say to sell mobile phone sets than to sell mobile phone money sense?

now more advanced marketing collocation also produced, such as: as long as the customer payment of money to buy the water, air conditioning as long as customers pay the savings in electricity, as long as customers pay the balcony vegetables basket of seed and fertilizer money, free accommodation in local hotel tickets sent to customers in the field of chain stores send drinking machine…… This type of marketing is becoming a trend, as a new business model.

traditional enterprise might well reflect on your customer service service: some enterprises do not attach importance to customer service service, only sales of main products not related products; some enterprises excessive commitment to free too much additional parts or service. The former enterprise because the quality of their products, disdain to collocation sales of ancillary products, after all, is not good at developing additional value. After a kind of enterprise, because of their product quality but hard, by supporting the product to compensate customer dissatisfaction, reduce customer complaints by enthusiastic service — the ultimate result is often lose the wife of another soldier, The loss outweighs the gain!

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