Taicang grasping carrier construction to promote innovation

is the innovation of talent and technology, therefore, the city of Taicang in the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, you must grasp the key, grasp the carrier construction, actively implement the innovation driven strategy, development of the Internet industry and a new generation of information technology industry, to promote public entrepreneurship, the innovation".

is located in Taicang Software Park, Suzhou three, electronic commerce company is a representative of the emerging Internet Co. Last year the double eleven period, the company build a "still Yueling" e-commerce platform officially launched. The platform is committed to becoming a patented product online public service platform, the first line of air purifiers, household appliances, cleaning, daily necessities, such as more than 30 kinds of products.

is different from general e-commerce platforms, behind every product, there are a number of technology patents or support. Such as micro shadow projector is a joint research and development of the company and a research institute in Israel, the Internet and traditional projection technology, combined with a variety of entertainment, education and other functions. On line more than two months, has sold more than 1 thousand units.

the platform has sorted out 400 patents, is expected to soon reach more than 4000."   a new generation of information technology industry is an emerging industry in Taicang. Located in the new city of Suzhou science and Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd. blue light optical fiber and sensor technology, the Internet together, applied to electricity, gas, oil pipelines, the city pipe network to build a nerve".

to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation ", Taicang in recent years, pay close attention to technological innovation carrier construction, boost quality and lift platform carrier. Taicang recommended

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