n 100 thousand years to earn 1 million 50% high profit adulteration

we can see in the market, the liquor, mainly consists of the following five components: liquor, wine, beer, wine, Yellow Wine. In these five kinds of wine, with the largest market and influence is undoubtedly liquor!

2012 China’s wine industry to achieve the main business income 754 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 19.65% year on year profit of $105 billion 493 million, an increase of 36.45%. Liquor industry revenue is 446 billion 626 million yuan, accounting for nearly $60% of the wine industry’s overall revenue, profit of $81 billion 856 million, accounting for more than 75% of total profits in wine, reaching more than 77.59%.

2014 liquor market is very hot, has ushered in the fourth wave of price increases. Liquor investment, wine wholesale, many investors, entrepreneurs have entered the market. In fact, the hot wine market is caused by its high rate of return. Want to enter this market, just by blood is not working. A good wine variety is the key to the return of entrepreneurs and investors.

ecological wine is a typical representative of China Fen Fen Liquor, as entrance or fall, after drinking, sweet fragrance, aftertaste is known. The company is the source of Chinese liquor Fenjiu group. In the Yuan Dynasty, Shanxi, Xinghuacun, China’s liquor industry to create a new era. Today, Shaanxi, Guizhou China famous origin Sichuan liquor, has a relationship with the heritage of Shanxi fen.

to quickly open the market to cultivate ecological wine Fen Fen ecological wine agents, five series supply discount are in the entire liquor industry in There was no parallel in history!

the Chinese, group purchase gift wine era has receded, the era of popular wine consumption is coming, China wine era, is the era of eco Fen wine. You want to rush in the liquor industry, hurry up!



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