Food and beverage store decoration skills summary

a good restaurant, not only on the dishes are very distinctive, should also pay more attention to the decoration. Restaurant franchise owners will always worry about the decoration problem. Restaurant design elements should be coordinated, can not appear contradictory phenomenon. So, what are the skills of restaurant franchise? Xiaobian this is introduced to you.

1. wall

At present, many varieties of

2. ground

3. ceiling

4. doors and windows

What are the

5. lighting

should be selected according to the design of the light. The light distribution should be rational and beautiful, the lamp should not be too much, otherwise it is messy and not easy to clean; choose the droplight should pay attention to the installation height of the space, can not be too low, so as not to cause depression, but also pay attention to coordination and favorable area proportion of the lobby, top-heavy feeling will produce, is a small figure.

6. curtain

general use light color gauze shade, and various style of match can produce good results. Hang up to stretch, generous, long, wide size should be appropriate.

7. bar

What are the

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