How to do low cost marketing start up companies need to know

is now a lot of start-up companies are doing a positive marketing, but the choice of various entrepreneurial companies are different, some marketing costs, and some marketing costs low. For start-up companies, how to do low-cost marketing? The following methods can be a good grasp of.

A, WeChat public number

do content operation: This is the focus of the public number of operators. After a lot of people apply for a public account, or do not take care of it, or mad advertising, imagine this public number, will attract users to pay attention to it?

usually to choose some high quality, valuable content to users (especially with the business of the company or the potential customer related information) push, with WeChat now pay more and more attention and encourage the protection of original content, to as much as possible to send some original content. Good content will attract users forwarding and attention, at the bottom of the article we joined the company’s business publicity pictures, in order to achieve the effect of publicity and powder.

do interact and transform the user: more fans, then a large amount of reading, if you do not get into it, is of little value. So if there is a user to send information consultation, it should respond as soon as possible, pay attention to the user’s every problem. If you meet the needs of customers, the best person transferred to WeChat or QQ above to communicate with the user, because the public platform of communication is limited to 48 hours can be point-to-point communication, and real-time chat and reply to the relatively poor experience.

two, since the media

For example,

more than 1 thousand

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