Guangzhou Baiyun District to promote innovation convergence

Guangzhou’s economy is very developed relative to other cities, entrepreneurship in Guangzhou, it can be said that opportunities are everywhere. Recently, the Guangzhou Baiyun District is to increase the convergence of innovative people, due to the suburbs, the rent is low, Baiyun District is increasingly becoming entrepreneurs paradise. Currently, Baiyun District, a total of 3 state-level science and technology business incubator, incubator total area of 423 thousand square meters.

Each of the five entrepreneurs

"in Guangzhou, one in Baiyun district." Baiyun District departments said. It is understood that the first quarter of this year, the newly established domestic enterprises in Guangzhou more than 2.2 households, Baiyun District, there are 4362, accounting for about 1/5, many of which are independent innovation enterprises. To support this result is Baiyun District has 3 National Private Science and technology enterprise incubator, dozens of new industrial park by the old factory building, office building and upgrading, provides hardware support for research and development of science and technology, creative design and Internet startups grow. It is the innovation platform, attracting entrepreneurs to become their stampede in, display technology, exhaust all the skills of the stage, projects, talent, capital, information, creative elements such as high concentration, is undoubtedly one of the most valuable Baiyun District to build the capital regional innovation center.

Baiyun District

The rise of

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