Mobile phone rental has become a new business opportunity

when you are shopping, see a mobile phone rental store, a variety of new mobile phone, if you want to play a few days, then the mobile phone rental is the best choice for you, this has become a rich new opportunities.

"80" Xiao Wu Shanghai boys is a hundred-percent "mobile phone control", at the beginning of last year to buy a mobile phone, in the face of a variety of favorite mobile phone, he picked a good will not mind. Being hesitant, next to a mobile phone to buy a girl, said: I like these phones, if you can rent the more good, so you can change a favorite phone every month." Unintentionally, listener. Wu Xiao was aware that the new phone rental may be a big market.

in the preliminary investigation on the market at the end of last year, Xiao Wu opened a special new mobile phone rental business, there are thousands of yuan income per month now. According to reports, the current college students and young people just entering the community is the mobile phone rental business for the main consumer groups, they are easy to accept new things, love to try new consumption patterns change rapidly facing the digital products, also hope to play more of the new mobile phone with less money.

An important part of the business to carry out the

"is how to determine the rent." Yesterday, Wu Xiao told reporters that at present the way they rent a week for a period of time, the weekly rent for the day of the mobile phone market price of 5%× new and old mobile phone. For example, a mobile phone market price of 3000 yuan, the rental of mobile phones for the new 80%, the weekly rent of $120. When a customer rents a mobile phone, he or she needs to pay a deposit first, after which the rent is deducted from the contract, and the rest is returned to the customer. Wu Xiao said that the general mobile phone rental costs can be recovered after 25 weeks.

The change speed of

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