What are the rules of the cake shop

any one of the industry’s shop operators, in fact, have a certain rules can be used, for operators, only to grasp these rules, will have a greater help to store operations. So, what are the rules of the cake shop? Let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze, look at the cake shop operators, these rules are really helpful for their own development.

you for the so-called entertainment unspoken rule estimates should not be unfamiliar, in fact is not some trading refers to put the table, so at first glance the unspoken rule is a derogatory term, but not necessarily, in the baking industry, business cake shop has some people should know the unspoken rule, but do not misunderstand, this but then, a commendatory terms, a cake shop for these unspoken rule you understand how much? Let’s watch it together.


rule: don’t neglect the demands of the customer, even if it is a negative evaluation

service attitude is a very important part of our business cake shop, and the service response is positive or not, reflecting the importance of the consumer. As a customer in your cake shop to buy the products back, but found not so good when the imagination, they may in their own social circle, to expand the news, thus will affect the cake shop brand image, we should be good at finding problems and also to actively communicate with customers, can eat other products taste, to restore the reputation, to avoid a greater impact, to know the customer forwarding a message, behind the loss of potential customers more than one.

rule two: smooth consumer shopping experience

cake shop, let consumers shopping experience better, the consumer may also stay longer, the probability of consumption is also higher, but if the cake shops decorate level is too low, beauty lost experience, the index will inevitably decline, so the results is waiting for you to customer happy and go down.

rule three: be arranged on customer,



customer required a cake of bread are not the same, according to the different needs of personalized push message, can greatly improve the cake shop consumer behavior, then push the information how to personalize it, please look at the small cake shop business to bring the following four rules.

rule four: know how to collect consumer behavior data

I believe now cake shop friends do not miss the online booking of cake, cake and bread group purchase business, consumer shopping, consumer data will be recorded, we through a simple analysis can be timely will be all kinds of information, such as consumer preference, frequency and so on.

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