Three for Jiujiang District of Jiangxi province and measures to boost the studies of entrepreneurshi

for the "innovation", now the country is highly valued by introduction of the policy is constantly, and is very awesome. In recent years, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang Lian region attaches great importance to management work, through a variety of media to increase entrepreneurship typical publicity, with typical propaganda and guide entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, three measures to boost entrepreneurship and innovation, to further improve the business service system of long-term mechanism, in the region to create entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, will want to everyone dare to venture a strong social atmosphere.

one is to make full use of radio, television, newspapers, networks and other news media, widely publicized to encourage and support employment and entrepreneurship. In the first published a book "the" spring tide surging, highlight a number of successful home business style. The opening of "Lian employment" WeChat public, actively promote entrepreneurship policies. Through the typical publicity and driven in the region to form a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.

two is targeted to the creation of various types of entrepreneurial training class, especially with the "Internet plus" development trend, hold entrepreneurship training, classroom training will directly open to the community, all colleges and universities. Too large, for those aged body bias, family economic difficulties and not to go out the transfer of migrant workers, according to local conditions on their implementation of planting, breeding and deep processing of agricultural products and other practical technical training, let them leave first, to achieve the nearest local transfer.

three is to continue to promote the implementation of the "one million" skills training projects, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, the implementation of business loans Huimin policy, to provide business venues and guidance helping to increase college graduates, unemployed workers, migrant workers entrepreneurship support.

three since the implementation of such measures, for the local entrepreneurial career anyway, undoubtedly has a very big help in the promotion, more and more people realize the basic business success, more let the local entrepreneurial career got good development extremely hot, for the local economic development also has a very big push the.

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