The beauty of a beef noodle noodle started outside was sold for 100 yuan

is now more and more people to join the business boom, food is the most popular investment industry, but if entrepreneurship opened a noodle shop, takeaway beef can be sold for 100 yuan, do you believe?

recently had a fire in the Hefei beef noodle shop, a bowl of beef noodles sold 30 yuan, takeout price 100 yuan, the private beef noodle is a beauty, love to share with you the delicacy she often open luxury cars to send beef noodles.

boasted chowhound Ann was too rich. But some research on the love she had delicacy pastry on my own, not eating the old. Ann told reporters that he was originally engaged in the clothing business, began to get involved in the face of the last year. She ate a lot of Hefei beef noodle noodle, always feel a little taste, and then make their own at home to eat beef noodles. Beginning in October last year, in a circle of friends in WeChat issued a beef noodle sales news, did not expect the first day there are 10 people booking. After receiving an appointment, an own procurement of beef, noodles, taking advantage of the evening after work time, do a good job after the car to send. A price of 100 yuan, was also said to beef noodles in the "nouveau riche", "the face in hermes". Ann said that it was just take away the price, the store consumption is only 30 yuan a copy.

if you need to venture capital, entrepreneurship need to choose a good project, then entrepreneurial innovation and business model is more important. The same project different entrepreneurs to invest, the result is not the same.

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