Join the brand need to do five points

choose to join agents such entrepreneurial approach, has become the choice of many investors in the current. However, this market is now very mixed, if you want to do a good job related work, naturally also need to pay attention to more factors, do more work. Here, Xiao Bian just to introduce the work of five points. So, join agent brand need to do what five point work?

a comprehensive understanding of the market

first of all to make a comprehensive investigation of the market, the choice of the most market potential brand agent. First of all according to the characteristics of the agent you want to determine the characteristics of your agent to prepare the brand, including the degree of prosperity, people’s income level, education, fashion acceptance, etc.. Then make sure you want to sell is men and women or children (now more, on the market of women’s brand for larger choice, the market potential consumption is large, so most people will choose to dress).

what is your consumption age a woman (women aged 30 to 40 consumption capacity is relatively strong, so many big brands will be targeted to women in this age group); the approximate price you can accept is so much. All of the above questions should be considered as a very important and essential part of what you are going to consider at the beginning, because it will directly affect whether you will be able to profit from the agency.

study different brand characteristics


you will have to carefully study the brand agent, including its color, fabric, style, type and characteristics. Its fabric is imported, or domestic, whether or not, will affect the popularity of the market. And see whether it has the characteristics of style, whether the market is good to sell, you need to join the market has a keen sense of the brain.


there is an easily overlooked spot is a piece of clothing, it determines the size of clothing everywhere. Sleeve by the shoulder of an inch, or an inch will directly affect the overall effect of clothing, and often can determine the quality of a brand. Therefore, you must ensure that the agent of the brand has a good shape.

In addition,

needs to take into account regional differences. If you want to put the clothes in the North sales, the clothing plate size must be larger, on the other hand, if you want to sell in the south, then to the small size of the board. Because the north of the human body than the southern tall people, otherwise, how much good clothing for them are not consumer desire – but can not wear good-looking.

furthermore, the weather is also a factor to be considered. The cold northern winter, they will need some thick and warm clothes, such as leather jacket; cooling south in the winter is not as long as some of their most thin sweater. In addition, the northern region, to pay attention to the winter, the South should be closed

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