Fujian 2016 civil service interview site open to the media

civil service exam in the market has been a concern, many people have become the preferred choice! However, in the civil service exam, often broke the various shady, manipulated behind. In view of this phenomenon, Fujian 2016 civil service exam interview open to the media, more fair notarization, so the strength of the candidates can be "right and proper".

2016 annual recruitment of civil servants in June 19th interview held between June 13th and. Yesterday, the interview site open to the media, Southeast express reporter visited the scene as a representative of the civil service exam interview.

it is understood that the provincial units and Pingtan experimentation area recruitment posts by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the office of human resources and the provincial Civil Service Bureau in June 18, 19 days to organize the implementation of centralized interview, set up a total of 23 examination room, there are more than 1100 candidates to participate in the. According to the recruiting unit management authority set up nine municipalities and provincial total of 10 interview room, tens of thousands of candidates to participate in the interview. Provincial examination with a structured interview, the provincial government to implement some posts system leaderless group discussion interview.

examiners and exam candidates both draw

according to reports, the provincial department in charge of civil service exam papers issued transfer custody and interview examination operation standardization process. The papers were handed over to the police before the police. At the same time, this year also introduced a new approach, namely online print "interview notice", notice to facilitate the candidates get interview time, interview and group interview, strengthen exam security, prevent tikao phenomenon.

on-site examiner candidates, candidates answer, staff random draw system. Before the beginning of each half of the interview, the examiner, candidates, staff were in the examiner concentration room, waiting room, the work of the lottery group, and then draw lots to determine the interview room, to achieve a random combination.

yesterday 7:30 or so, after reading the discipline, the discipline inspection personnel began to draw on the examiner. A discipline inspection personnel to click on the start button, another discipline personnel to click the end button, the computer automatically generated by the examiner’s test room. Subsequently, the examiner led by the staff into the test room.

at the same time, the candidates are also in the morning exam room draw, after the end of the sampling, the implementation of closed management. During the interview, direct contact with the examiner and the candidate’s interview room, waiting room staff are not allowed to carry a cell phone, supervisor full supervision.

1 candidates face 7 examiners

the reporter saw at the scene, interview, examination room and waiting to test each other between the isolation room, candidates in the exam room closed after the draw, the guide recommended according to time

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