Open a tea shop need to spend what

drinks sales market, what beverage items are best-selling products throughout the year. Xiaobian that have tea, hot summer season Iced Milk Tea for you hot weather, winter brings warm feeling of hot rolling tea for you. It’s the beginning of the new year, it’s still cold outside. The tea market began to pick up, sales also increased gradually with the weather warming, small and medium-sized investors have chosen to open a tea shop, then open a tea shop to

how much money?

open a tea shop need to spend?

shop costs mainly in the following aspects:

a, tea shop join fee:

open tea shop there are two main ways, one is to join the brand of milk tea, and the other is not to join their own shop. The difference between these two ways to shop is that the risk of joining the shop is relatively small, easier to make money, and the greater the risk of their own business. Then join the shop, how to choose to join the brand? This needs from tea shop franchise fee, join the brand visibility, taste and other aspects of product analysis, generally try to choose cost-effective tea brand to join, join the cost is only a reference standard, instead of choosing the standard.

two, milk tea shop equipment costs:

joined the tea shop, the cost of the equipment are generally fixed, want to save cost we can not buy some do not use the equipment, reduce the tea shop equipment, but the premise is not to affect the taste of tea produced.

three, milk tea shop material costs:

milk tea shop equipment expenditures are disposable, if you want to have been operating tea shop has been going down, then the raw materials of tea shops are essential. Select high-quality raw materials is the most important. Such as tea tea brand story, they have their own tea production base of raw materials, such as tea raw material supply will be much cheaper, so you can consider this brand.

four, tea shop decoration costs:

tea shop decoration style, should be based on the main face of the tea shop groups to decide, this will be beneficial for the latter part of the operation. But in the decoration of the price, can save the province.

plus the cost of the above are generally around 100 thousand yuan, and other projects are relatively low investment!

hope to take to open a tea shop to bring you some help, if there is what other issues need to know please give us a message on our website below, see the message.

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