Vision vision rehabilitation center child vision to protect the rich project

at present, the eyesight of children as parents are most concerned about the topic, along with the improvement of life quality, and common myopia year younger parents who the fuck do the heart, according to incomplete statistics authority, the national students myopia about one hundred million under age to wear on the front of a lens, then fuzzy, want to play basketball, do not want to swim, convenient, more convenient, the child uncomfortable, parents also love dearly. Good eyesight, parents are willing to spend money to change, improve eyesight, change the child in front of a clearance.

The introduction of international advanced technology

dimensional eyesight to use Japanese 3D 1 vision training class training method, is the world’s first astronaut, vision training also use the training method, can guarantee the visual acuity of 1. 3D training method is how to treat the eyesight of the 3D vision 1 training room, children can watch the fun of cartoons and 3D movies, play in the invisible treatment.

it is to let the students 3D stereo motion image viewing instant switching far and near the focal length, near target simulation at different distances observed in the environment, make the eyes suddenly look far and near, to training the eyes in a short time fast switching focus, so as to stimulate the eye refractive system its powerful regulation capability. The regulating function of the original reply. The optic nerve system is perfect to see the key reason things are clear, through 30 minutes of 3D training, can activate more visual cells, the optic pathway, the ability to see things better, so as to realize the eyes of self repair, safe and fast, completely solve the problem of vision, and no auxiliary role


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